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Need a Website

In this day and age every business needs to have a website inorder to tap its full potential.   If you already have one, now is the time to update it!  If you do not have one, now is the time to get one!

I have been designing websites since I built my first website in 2002.  The world of the internet has evolved since then and while many things have become more complex, there have also been many additions which make things easier.  Every business needs to have a website in order to compete in today’s market.

The main things that keeps businesses from taking on the venture of building a website is time, lack of knowledge, and fear of initial cost.  These are the things that I take into consideration and have improved to make it as quick, easy, and inexpensive while still providing you with a nice, sleek, professional site.  If you were to contact a normal web developer to get an estimate for a decent website you most likely would discover the price range to be well into the thousands.  They would design the website and give it to you.  After that you would be on your own and should you need to make any update or change something as simple as your business address you would have to call him up and pay him a couple hundred dollars to make the change.  This is what I have decided to prevent.

My vision is to be able to make you a sleek, professional website for under one thousand dollars, then provide you with the tools necessary to make simple changes on your own.  While I still will be available to call for any major renovations or updates, you will be able to save money, not only on the initial cost, but also the cost of maintaining the site well into the future.

Contact me today to get a free quote and discuss how to take your business to the next level is this day and age.

Are you debating if you need a website?  Take a quick moment to think about the non-risk investment that will bring your business up to speed to compete with today’s market.  Read my blog regarding these benefits by clicking here.